Saturday, August 1

Bring back the Doc - all is forgiven

Just prior to the most recent local government elections back in May, Nick Griffin issued a royal decree that those blogs that were not directly approved by the party should cease posting, presumably in case somebody (probablyGreen Arrow) said something particularly stupid that could harm the party's chances.

This temporary proscription was, of course, never placed on Tommy Williams' appalling blog because Griffin makes use of it to attack his enemies, as we have seen here and here.

Once the election was over and the stagnation of the BNP had become apparent, Griffin lifted his decree, thus allowing the current free for all where any BNP member with internet access can set up a blog and talk utter rubbish in the name of the party. This has led to an explosion in pro-BNP blogs, most of which are toe-curlingly bad. Far worse though, are the blogs that have been started - some very recently - by those the party regards as the elite, and the most elite of that bunch is, depressingly, the party's deputy-leader and National Press Officer Simon Darby.

Darby, a well-known twitcher (or birdwatcher, to us mere mortals) has the habit of filling his blog posts with a mixture of drivel about how wonderful the BNP is, which birds are popping their heads up at any given moment, sport, his household chores and, bizarrely, big cat crap.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Yesterday, those of us stupid enough to bother ventured over to his blog page only to be confronted with a post about redwings, rugby, Jean-Marie LePen, some tosh about Gordon Brown and an enormous picture of some 'possible' big cat droppings found 'not more than half an hours drive from [his] doorstep'. You'd think the deputy-leader of what he would like us to believe is the fastest-growing political party ever would have better things to do than show us pictures of cat crap from about thirty miles past his front door.

Strangely, this apparently random meandering through Darby's brain seems not to have endeared him to the BNP membership. Quite the opposite in fact. We're informed that several BNP members are pleading with anyone who will listen for the return of the former Press Officer Dr. Phil Edwards (or Stuart Russell, his real name). Even though he was frequently sloshed shortly after opening time and was often extremely rude to those newspapers who he felt had angered or misrepresented him, he did at least blog about the party and its politics occasionally. With him, we got an awful lot of bullshit but, thankfully, no cat crap.

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Andromeda said...

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Did you know both the British Left and Right including the Muslims did NOT want British troops in Iraq?

The UK became involved just because just 2 parties wanted to fight "shoulder to shoulder" - Labour and Tory.

Is this either fair or rational?

Why should people put up with an irrational and divisive political system that allows the political classes to divide and rule us?

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